When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I always said 'a business woman'. I had no idea what that meant at the time, but I knew with my outspoken personality and willingness to be successful, I figured there is nothing I'd rather be than a woman with a labtop. After graduating high school at 17, college majors became overwhelming, so I pondered on my childhood wish to become a business woman. After bouncing around between majors I finally decided to major in Business Management. After graduating college and still indecisive on the type of business that truly had my interest, I decided to become a mommy. That's when I picked up my first digital camera. Of course at the time my point-and-shoot was all that and a bag of chips! I took countless images of my new baby in hopes to never forget the most important moments and milestones of her precious little life. It soon became a daily ritual to take her picture. After collecting literally thousands of images of her, I decided to take my 'picture-taking' to the next level. Reluctantly my father, an amateur photographer, allowed me to borrow his digital camera that operated on two settings. It didn't have much to offer, but it taught me most of what I know about photography today. After my second daughter entered our lives in 2008, again, I began taking the countless pictures of those precious moments. I knew then that photography was the career for me. So here I am today, a wife, a mommy of three (and expecting #4 in May 2012), and a photographer. What more could I ask for! Ashly Layne Photo is now officially Skye Rayne, natural light photography, a tribute to my biggest inspiration; my children.